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Version 1.7.2

[BUCKM2-255]( Support for Magento 2.1.14, 2.2.5
[BUCKM2-246]( "Items Ordered" text was shown twice on print order from customer account on frontend
[BUCKM2-243]( PayPerMail now gets the correct status when the order is paid after having the status "Cancelled by user".

Version 1.7.1

- Support for Magento 2.1.13, 2.2.4
[BUCKM2-88]( AfterPay doesn't show rejected message
[BUCKM2-90]( By advanced configuration remove option 'Create invoice after succes', because it isn't used by the extension.
[BUCKM2-219]( AfterPay logo change
[BUCKM2-222]( PayPerEmail ReturUrl
[BUCKM2-228]( AfterPay issue Partial capture and Cancel Authorize
[BUCKM2-234]( PayPal buyers protecttion default on
[BUCKM2-238]( iDEAL issuer Moneyou added

Version 1.7.0

- [BUCKM2-133]( BUCKM2-133 Afterpay change logo
- [BUCKM2-166]( BUCKM2-166 SEPA Direct Debit request BIC when address changes
- [BUCKM2-214]( BUCKM2-214 PR: Bugfix Magento 2.2 Set Payment Information returning 400 error.
- [BUCKM2-218]( BUCKM2-218 Afterpay Payment Agreements
-- Known issue: changing address country in step 2 of the checkout will not update the payment agreements link next to the mandatory checkbox in the checkout
- [BUCKM2-224]( BUCKM2-224 ISSUE: Available credit cards in sub store not working correctly. #25
- [BUCKM2-225]( BUCKM2-225 ISSUE: Status color (grey / yellow / green) not corresponding with store configuration. #26
- [BUCKM2-229]( BUCKM2-229 iDEALProcessing added as payment method

Version 1.6.4

- Support for Magento 2.1.12, 2.2.3
- Support for PHP 7.1 (for Magento 2.2)
- [BUCKM2-137]( AfterPay B2B has been added
- [BUCKM2-156]( Cancelled orders with Afterpay no longer update the stock twice
- [BUCKM2-167]( Split payments with Giftcards and other payments methods now provide required information for accountancy
- [BUCKM2-170]( Support for PHP 7.1 has been added for Magento 2.2 in combination with the  Buckaroo extension
- [BUCKM2-189]( MPI status for Creditcard payments has been removed from the frontend
- [BUCKM2-207]( Incorrect returnURL in PayPerEmail has been resolved
- [BUCKM2-212]( PR: jasperzeinstra: Set layout fo checkout index index to checkout #13
- [BUCKM2-213]( PR: jasperzeinstra: Remove comment #14
- [BUCKM2-215]( PR: josefbehr: Add config scope to getValue() when checking is enabled
- [BUCKM2-221]( M2.2.3: Giftcard paid order processing status now working as intended

Version 1.6.0

- Added support for Magento 2 version 2.1.11

- Added support for Magento 2 version 2.2.2
- Added paymentmethod PayPerEmail

- Added support for Credit Management 3.0
-- Known issue: confirmation mails for orders with cm3 won't be sent
-- Known issue: refunding cm3 orders is not handled correctly by Magento

- [BUCKM2-161]( BetaalGarant refund with separate capture
- [BUCKM2-162]( Orderconfirmation for orders with pending state
- [BUCKM2-165]( AfterPay Terms and Conditions fix (not M2.2.2)
- [BUCKM2-177]( Bank Transfer “Send payment instruction email” doesn't work
- [BUCKM2-195]( M2.2.2: CartTotalRepository cannot handle extension attributes in quote addresses #9646

Version 1.5.3

After upgrading to this version check if the order status new and pending are still set in 

Stores > Configuration > Sales > Buckaroo > General > Advanced

- Added support for Magento 2 version 2.1.10
- Added support for Magento 2 version 2.2.1

- State "Processing" for new orders
- Creating log fails
- Changed Buckaroo Webservice URL
- Bank transfer enters with state processing
- Afterpay partial refund with discount gives errors
- Wrong statusses with partialpayments and giftcards
- AfterPay status direct op processing
- AfterPay refund from Magento sends wrong invoice number
- Creditcard transaction with Authentication A order status changes to On Hold
- Pull request Payment Fee on PDF MediaCT
- Form fields by TIG Buckaroo SEPA Direct Debit with foreign billingaddress [High priority]
- Afterpay with virtual product [High priority]
- Bank transfer send CustomerCountry in request [Medium priority]

Version 1.5.1

- BUCKM2-72 Improved locale code to dynamically redirect to payment gateway
- BUCKM2-102 Added support for Magento 2 version 2.1.9
- BUCKM2-107 Added support for Magento 2 version 2.2.0
- BUCKM2-108 Changed the EPS payment method logo
- BUCKM2-122 Fixed an issue that caused Unittests to break on Travis-ci

Version 1.4.0

- Added support for Magento 2 version 2.1.6, 2.1.7 and 2.1.8
- Added creditcards Carte Bleue and Carte Bancaire
- Added Payment method: Payment Guarantee "Achteraf betalen met BetaalGarant" by Focum
- Added support for Multi store Setup with different Merchant Keys and Certificates
- Added configuration option to send transactional emails
- Fixed, creating credit memo from order results in 500 error
- Afterpay, changed the way tax over shippingcosts is send to Afterpay
- Afterpay, changed working of 'cancel authorize', now it will only trigger manually after cancelling an order
- Afterpay, changed new status for orders which are created before communication with afterpay
- Afterpay, method specific dropdown in configuration added
- Afterpay, added invoice email in authorized/capture flow
- Payment Guarantee, changed allowed payment methods to multi select
- Payment Guarantee, custom error message when billing country is not allowed
- Payment Guarantee, added invoice email in authorized/capture flow
- Creditcard, Maestro Specific option in configuration positioned
- Sofort, Logo changed to Klarna Smoooth Pay now
- Changed status to Processing instead of TIG Buckaroo New halfway the order procedure
- Changed composer.json to only allow Magento versions which are supported and tested by TIG

Version 1.3.5

- Added support for Magento 2 version 2.1.3, 2.1.4 and 2.1.5
- Added support for refunds including orders with payment fees for Creditcard, Mr Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer, Sofort Direct Debet, iDEAL and AfterPay
- Code optimization in preparation of Magento Marketplace
- Changed the Afterpay rejection message for the Dutch language for Magento 2.0.*. This affects the "Combined" payment.
- Now an order gets created before a transaction is sent to Buckaroo
- Optimization of automatic tests through Travis for different Magento and PHP versions
- Fixed issues where guests can't pay with bank transfer
- Fixed some translation errors
- Fixed the Afterpay datefields for the Firefox browser

Version 1.3.1

- Partial payments with multiple giftcards or default iDeal
- Improvement check on quote currency
- Improvement Afterpay checkout with different Shipping Address
- Improvement Afterpay and discount shopping cart rules (buy 4 pay 2)
- Improvement minifing html for older Magento 2 versions

Version 1.3.0

- Beta release with payment method Giftcards

Version 1.2.1

-Added Payment Method AfterPay, EPS and Creditcard Dankort

Version 1.2.0

-Beta release with support for Magento 2.0.7+ and Magento 2.1 RC

Version 1.1.2

-Improvement for the Buckaroo push

Version 1.1.1

- Public release, processed feedback, stable version, live version in webshops

Version 1.0.5

- Pilot client release, fine tuning

Version 0.9.0

- Internal BETA release of the extension

Versie 0.7.0

- Initial internal release of the extension.

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