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Image Optimization  v2.0.3

Improvements & bugfixes

  • Code improvements for Magento Marketplace extension quality program

Image Optimization  v2.0.2

Improvements & bugfixes

  • Added support for HTTP proxies

  • Retry failed request by default

  • Better CURL warnings

  • Updated the existing Tinify library

  • Added support for PHP7

Image Optimization  v2.0.1

Improvements & bugfixes

  • Support for servers with open basedir enabled.
  • Better warnings.
  • Linting & speed improvements for Travis CI.
  • Added an space to an sentence for readability.
  • Better handling of the Tinify\AccountException so the logs won't be clutherd.
  • Updated the Tinify PHP client.

Image Optimization  v2.0.0


- The extension now recognises duplicated images to save extra bandwidth and reduce the number of compressions.
- Added status to indicate the API key is valid.
- The configuration page now shows the latest compressions including savings.
- You can now click on the latest optimized images to see the results.
- Added the total number of compressions for the current month.
- A new test mode allows testing of the extension in production environments without actually changing any images that visitors will see.
- Added logfile options which are directly available from the Magento configuration page.

In case you need help or assistance with the extension or your account please contact support@tinypng.com. This extension is developed by TIG. Please contact them for technical support.

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