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Global CSS & JS for Jira Core, Software and Servicedesk

Global CSS & JS gives you a new way to add custom CSS and Javascript to your Jira environment. With Global CSS & JS you don't have to use the Jira announcement banner to insert your code into Jira instead you can use the new Javascript and CSS fields to add your code to Jira. Global CSS & JS also comes with a Javascript syntax validator that quickly shows you common mistakes you might have made in your code.

Follow our Get Started guide to quickly setup Checklists Pro for Jira.


  • Custom CSS & Javascript: Add custom CSS and Javascript to your Jira environment with dedicated Javascript and CSS fields

  • JS sytnax validator: Quickly check your Javascript syntax for common mistakes.

  • Quick Recovery: Remove faulty code without having to worry about restarting Jira or editing database fields. (Coming Soon)


Clean up you announcement banner and use dedicated fields to add Javascript and CSS to your Jira environment

Check your Javascript for syntax errors to find bad code before it's inserted into your Jira environment

Your custom CSS & Javascript is loaded at a later time making it easier to clean up any mistakes you made

Use custom CSS and Javascript to safely customize your Jira environment to your liking

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