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Global Issue Notifications for Jira Core, Software and Servicedesk

Global Issue Notifications for Jira makes it possible to add custom project notificatifions to the Jira menu bar based on your own JQL queries. Get the information you need about new issues, unresolved issues, expired issues and more on top of every screen.

Learn how to setup Global Issue Notifications for Jira or read how to get started.


  • Keep track of new, expired, resolved, unassigend and more issues using your own custom notifications.
  • Configure the redirect location for individual project notifications.


Use custom JQL notifications to keep track of your issues on every screen

Notifications summarise and break down all issues found for your JQL rules in a clean and easy to use menu

Create notification rules using JQL that allow your users to easily keep track of new issues, unresolved issues or other information they need

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