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Checklists Pro for Jira Core, Software and Servicedesk

Checklists Pro for Jira introduces easy to use checklists to your Jira environment. With Checklists Pro for Jira you can edit checklists on the fly, automatically add checklists based on the issue type or use Jira Automation to customize when and where checklists should be added. You can determine who can edit or view the checklists based on roles and you can add a checklists validator to your workflows to make sure your users only transition when they've completed the checklists.

Learn how to set up Checklists Pro for Jira or read how to get started.


  • Easy to edit:
    Edit your entire checklist inline with a single press on the checklist.

  • Checklist Validator:
    Add our checklist validator to your workflows to make sure that issues can't be transitioned without being completed.

  • Checklist Templates:
    Create your own checklist templates for easy reusability.

  • Default Checklists:
    Use your templates to setup default checklists based on issue type for your individual projects.

  • Automation for Jira Support:
    Checklist Pro for Jira has an accessible API that allows for easy integration with Automation for Jira.

  • Edit and view permissions:
    Use roles to assign who can edit and view individual checklists.


Checklists Pro for Jira adds easy to use checklists to your issues that are easily customizable so users can edit them on the fly

Edit checklists directly in your issue view and easily add and remove items from your checklists

Load in self made checklists templates and easily edit them before adding the checklist to your issues

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