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CapsuleCRM for Jira Core, Software and Servicedesk

CapsuleCRM for Jira integrates your CapsuleCRM environment with Jira. A new panel in the issue's view shows you that the reporter's contact information is retrieved straight from your CapsuleCRM database. If the reporter is not present in CapsuleCRM you can add the user right away to keep your contact database up to date.

Learn how to set up CapsuleCRM for Jira or read how to get started.


  • View reporter information:
    View the contact information stored in CapsuleCRM directly in your Jira environment.

  • Add new contacts:
    Add new contacts directly in CapsuleCRM to keep your CapsuleCRM environment up to date.

  • Edit contact information:
    Easily edit existing contact information directly in CapsuleCRM.

  • Restrict contact information access:
    Administrators can manage who can view and edit your contacts by assigning required roles.


View the contact information of issue reporters stored in your CapsuleCRM instance directly in your Jira environment

Easily add new parties to CapsuleCRM and edit existing ones from your Jira environment

Determine who can see the information displayed by the app by assiging required roles in the app configuration

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